About Us.

Our Restaurant Is A Collective Of Amazing People Striving To Build Delightful Italian Cuisine.

Myself and my wife are both Qualified Chefs and have a wealth of experience in the culinary industry and have a crazy passion for cooking and creating new dishes with fantastic ingredients. The whole dining scene appeals to us in so many ways, as meal times are very family orientated and often casual and fun – which is what we love. Of course sometimes its nice to go to a Michelin starred restaurant and indulge in some fine dining with impeccable service and the finest cuts of meat, the most amazing shellfish, and a 7 course wine flight…but that’s not where we really get our excitement from with food and dining. We prefer to order a few smaller plates, share plates and try new dishes.

This is where the idea for Roma was born…in Italy…maybe 7 or 8 years ago. We lived in Austria at the time and decided to take a holiday in Italy for 1 week. We booked a villa in a remote area 45 mins north of Rome, surrounded by Vineyards, Lemon trees and not a lot else. In all honesty it was a disaster as my wife was terrified of the pitch black surrounds as soon as night time set in…but the positives massively outweighed the negatives. We were surrounded by amazing wild herbs, fresh fruit, olives…and that was just the garden. The town came to life after 5 pm, and so many little street food stalls would be selling amazing snacks and dishes, cured meats, hard cheeses, marinated vegetables and fruits, unbelievably fresh bread products, the most rustic miss shaped pizzas, and last but certainly not least…some crazy fresh seafood. Wow…we were in food heaven. We were on somewhat of a budget back then and both worked hard for this holiday, with the intention of eating dinner out each night and sampling some nice Italian dishes etc… The chef in us took over and we ended up walking back with bags of produce and snacks from the street stalls and making a massive barbecue each night, cooking the most unreal food and serving it rustically. 

On the way back to Austria, weighing a lot more than when I arrived, we stopped in Venice for the night in a cheap little hotel just by Rialto Bridge…by coincidence. The next morning when looking for some breakfast, we headed in the wrong direction as Venice is a crazy little maze…and stumbled across one of the worlds most famous Fish Markets…Rialto Mercado. Wow Wow Wow… we were blown away by this, Kilo after Kilo of Sicilian red prawns, 3 guys sawing up a swordfish, the most amazing coloured tuna fish I have ever seen…calamari still moving, crabs all over the place…huge lobster, monster scallops…the lot. I said to my wife on the way out… one day we are opening an Italian Restaurant. That is where the dream began. Since then we have been back many times and gathered our ideas. Even spending our honeymoon in Venice. 

I hope you enjoy Roma!